Car Insurance Tips for Large Families

Before driving on the street, you must first have vehicle insurance, which covers the risks of driving in the event of an accident. The auto insurance contract covers the civil liability for damage and injury caused by the owner and the driver (if not the same person) to a third party.

Almost all insurance companies allow you to use the “voluntary civil liability” model to extend the civil liability of the policy, which is recommended for large families. This covers the damage that other vehicle occupants may cause to third parties. For example, if your child throws an object through the window and hits the car behind you, your insurance will be responsible for the damage caused, but if you do not have this guarantee, you must pay for the repair.

For families with children, if their children have a driver’s license and want to use an insured vehicle, they can conveniently declare in the company; if the age of the vehicle is less than 25, it is mandatory by law.

Currently, there are thousands of car insurance quotes. Seek advice from an insurance broker. The broker will solve your doubts at a price very similar to Internet quotes, and compare prices and coverage of different companies.

The first thing a big family should know when buying a car

Determine whether you want to buy third-party insurance or all risks. If the car is a new car, the best is risk. But a complete third party is a good choice.

If you choose risk, decide whether you want to own a franchise. With franchise rights, insurance prices will decrease. You only need to pay for the franchise if you are guilty or have no guilty party.

Check the quality price. The lower premium is directly proportional to the decrease in coverage.

See if you have lowered the insurance price due to no accidents in recent years. However, if you declare the accident as guilty, a surcharge may be charged.

If there is a claim, please read the insurance company’s conditions carefully. See if you can freely choose a workshop, and whether the travel assistance starts from 0 kilometers.

If one of the parents signs another insurance contract, some companies will offer special discounts.

When hiring car insurance

In order to get the best price, we recommend that you have the current policy and vehicle documents on hand.

Please remember that if it is a new or used car, if you use it regularly or irregularly, it must be driven by a new person.

For minivans, it is convenient that you do not ignore the fact that it is a family car. It will be surrounded by children, so it is more likely to be scratched and accidentally hit by children. Open the door too firmly or not firmly, and then grind it up without realizing it. They are small household accidents, more common than you think.

Don’t just look at the basics. Compare insurance coverage: if there is death and disability compensation, compensation in case of theft or total loss. For large families, it includes travel subsidies, and according to the policy, taking into account the number of seats in ordinary vehicles, it can include replacement vehicles.